Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You Don't Know Cold...

I woke up a little while ago and checked the outside thermometer, -2.7. Yahoo Weather says it is more like -1, but if you factor in windchill, it's a frigid -20. Better than earlier this week when it was over 30 below, but when you get into the negative double digits, that's just inhumane. Even the penquins and polar bears would be complaining, I'm sure.

I'm doing much better, there was a conversation on the Yahoo group for our agency's Vietnam group and the main Vietnam person explained why their stance is that our agency will continue getting referrals and finalizing adoptions. They have spoken to people in the DIA or was it IAD as well as people at USCIS, who want to at least work on those dossiers that have been logged in. Of course, there is no guarantee, but hearing their reasoning after reading the statement by the Dept. of State and the Ethica's further explanation is making me feel better. Not great, but a little more positive. I'll feel much better, once we can start our dossier and get it logged in. I read somewhere one needs to be at about #92 on the waiting list to start their dossier, so that means about 12 more spots for us to move. Last week our agency didn't get any referrals and they really don't expect any before Tet. Our agency representatives are taking vacation from January 30th (today) until February 12th. Well, I better get ready to bear that cold out there.

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Carissa74 said...

Good luck! And I agree it was VERY cold!