Friday, January 25, 2008

Walking in a Winter Wonderland???

I don't think that is how I'll describe it in 15 minutes when I am walking to the train in 6 below weather (that's not counting windchill, they say it feels more like 17 below. It is supposed to warm up to the teens or twenties, but I can't wait until it does. I need to be at work this morning. Usually my terrific friend, Julie picks me up, but this is her day off, since she works part-time. Lately, since Kevin's hours have changed and he starts later, he would drive me, but today he has a big early childhood conference to go to and the lady he was carpooling with picked him up at 6AM. My neighbor did say if I ever need a ride call her, since she is usually upway before this time, but the problem is that I don't have her phone number and I'm not showing up on her doorstep. Maybe she will be going out to for her early morning drive to buy cigarettes or whatever and I will catch a ride with her. Well, I better go blow dry my hair, which is something I never do because it dries out my hair, but I'm not going out with even slightly damp hair and with this weather my hair has been looking awful (even though I had it cut last Saturday) with the hats and scarves and hoods, how could ones hair look good!



Here's to hoping your neighbor is jonesin' for a smoke this morning. Keep warm up there! It's freezing here in STL, too!


Anonymous said...

OMgosh! I don't know how you live in that kind of cold! I'll take 110 degrees in the summer any day over that kind of freezing cold. :)