Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Good Morning to Stay In Bed

Well, I woke up this morning asnd checked the outside thermometer and it showed -3.6 degrees, plus they are saying with windchill it feels like -20 degrees. I don't look forward to going out there in about 45 minutes, that's for sure. Not much of a warm up is expected. Highs maybe in the single digits, but with windchill it will still feel like below zero. After work, I'll take the train to Des Plaines instead of to my usual stop, because our agency has a waiting families meeting. The topic will be Transracial Adoption. Wewill have a speaker with two adopted children from South Korea and view a videotape with perspectives of adult Vietnamese adoptees. Should be interesting? With the extreme cold, I don't know how big of an attendance there will be, plus it's on a weekday evening, instead of on Saturday morning. The good thing is before the meeting, we will head to this new Vietnamese Restaurant across the street from the Des Plaines train station, Dung Gia. (Anyone have any idea how it is pronounced?) With it being so frigid, I'm thinking of trying pho. I have not yet had any. Oh and also as of Monday, 1/21, we were #104 on the list.


Karen Wall said...

You have to try pho. If for nothing else to be able to say you have tried it! Also, it is awesome!

Melissa Cz said...

It is SO cold. I was going to go to the gym to run and it is too cold to even leave the house - ick.

Carissa74 said...

Yeah I think it is too cold to leave the house, unfortunatly my boss did not see it that way (or the court system for that matter) so to work I went! I love pho so I hope you do as well! Have fun tonight!

Laughinglisa said...

Hi Kathryn,

Rick and I are in Algonquin and are hoping you wouldn't mind sharing your adoption agency and home study agency. We have completed a VN app with an agency but they are unable to do our home study.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.