Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sharing the Good News

One of our agencies' families who have been waiting near the top of the waiting list have accepted a referral for 2 brothers, who are 2 and 4 years old. They originally planned to adopt an infant boy 0-18 months. Check out their blog; these boys are adorable!!!

I'll try to post soon, later tonight or tomorrow hopefully!


M and H said...

I grew up in Decatur, Illinois, but love the Chicago area!

Lauren and Jim said...

Yea! for the Leonards.

Thanks for cheering us on with our dossier. You are right, the wait list doesn't change just because our dossier may get done quicker than others. We just want to get the paperwork done and have it logged in by June. Otherwise, we would have probably taken our time! Since we are wanting to a adopt a toddler, maybe with special needs, I don't even keep up with the wait list anymore. We just wanted to get the dossier done quickly for our own sake. It doesn't change our wait. Who knows where we really stand on the list anyways! But I do have a feeling referrals will pick up this year!