Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weird when I was at my blog, Saturday morning, my web tracker/counter had disappeared off my blog and when I even went to the host site, nothing was showing. But by evening, it was back. When I did check on the traffic to my blog, there was a large gap of time, where no one had visited, but since it was such a beautiful day, it is possible that no one happened to stop by.

No CIS approval yet in the mail. Positive thoughts, wishes, prayers, whatever that it comes this week.

On Friday evening, Kevin and I finally were able to go to this Vietnamese restaurant on the far northwest side of Chicago. Last week, we tried going for lunch after the waiting families meeting and it turned out they were no longer open during lunch time. The food was really good! Although the name of the meals were in Vietnamese, there was a good explanation of each of the meals in English. Kevin ordered one of their daily specials, Con Chin Chin, which is fat noodles with shrimp, chicken, bean sprouts and green onions with roasted peanuts. I thought of also ordering that, but the roasted peanuts kept me away. I just can't stand peanuts. It turned out there was just a few peanut shavings sprinkled on top; next time I think I'll order it and ask them to hold the peanuts. I ended up ordering something called Mi Xao Thap Cam, which is shrimp, chicken, & BBQ pork stir fried with assorted veggies and pan fried noodles. I found it very good; sort of similar to Chicken Chow Mein. We ended our meal sharing a dessert of bananas in a tapioca pudding with coconut milk served very hot; almost like a soup. Boy was that delicious! We can't wait to go back or try one of the other Vietnamese restaurants in Chicagoland. Unfortunately, there isn't anything right near our area, but we don't mind the drive. Now that it is getting warm, it will be great to go to the Vietnamese area of Chicago, where they have lots of Vietnamese restaurants.

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