Thursday, April 5, 2007

Wow! Such exciting news. Fellow blogger, Jenn of Long Adventures and her husband decided to pursue a domestic adoption and either picked up their child today or will tomorrow. I don't know too many details, other than what is in their blog. But it sure is exciting!

Equally, exciting is seeing our new friend, Tara and Doug receive their son. Several other people have received their Giving and Receiving Ceremony date and can now plan their travel. The Giving and Receiving Ceremony is a special highlight of adopting from Viet Nam. Often called the G&R, the Giving and Receiving ceremony is the actual event in which your child becomes legally yours in the eyes of the Vietnamese government.

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Jenn and BJ said...

Hi there... thanks so much for the shout out about baby Amos. It feels great to have a fellow blogger like you in my life.