Sunday, April 1, 2007

Not much has been happening lately in regards to the adoption. It's only been 9 days since the homestudy was sent in and our fingerprints were taken 8 days ago. We probably won't here anything until at the earliest, the end of May. We could get a shock and hear something sooner, but I don't plan on it and would really be surprised to. I'm sure the closer it is gets to that time; the more anxious, I'll get, but it is way too soon to even think about now; chances of winning the lottery might be a higher probability.

Our agency currently has 3 families in Vietnam and 5 more families will be leaving this week. They are expecting to get some more travel dates this month and hopefully more referrals. Currently, 40 families are waiting to travel, 142 are on the waiting list, and 198 are waiting for CIS approval or are in the homestudy phase.

We also found out that Vietnam no longer requires birth certificates from each parents, so that will at least defray the costs a couple hundred between having to order the birth certificate, getting it state certified and then authenicated by the embassy. We will have enough documents that will need to be certified and authenicated, so two less will save us some money, since I believe that although each document that needs to be certified is only $10 there will probably, be well over a dozen documents and then to authenicate the documents, it is $50 each, I think. Of course, by the time we are ready to prepare our dossier and do that, the amount could very easily increase. Hopefully not, but it might! Well nothing to exciting to report, so I might as well pay some bills.


Jess and Paul said...

We are right here with you...waiting for that I171!!!

Dianna said...

I hope it comes much, much faster than you expect!

About Us said...

Hi Kathryn! Thanks for visiting my blog! I have you bookmarked now and can't wait to follow your adoption. I need to go back and read the past posts to find out the details - how long to referral, travel, etc, etc... I'm so excited for you! Seems like we're about at the same point in our process (you're a bit ahead) - just different countries! Best wishes - Becky