Friday, May 4, 2007

My First Purchase

I finally decided to make an adoption-related purchase. Knowing it is early in the waiting process, I decided to purchase a shirt for me from

In case it is hard to read, it says "Pregnant with Love for My Child from Vietnam". I believe it should be here early next week. Hopefully that immigration approval will be here so,on so we can get on the waiting list!! I am waiting not so patiently anymore!


Stacie said...

Cute! I got one that says "Adopting... Bump not required" I figure I'll wear it to the baby shower. :)

Amanda and Bill said...

Hope you love wearing your tshirt. We are adopting too, just waiting to travel now, but I got the "paper pregnant" t-shirt and loved wearing it! But i'm sad to say only 1 person ever figured out we were adopting without me having to explain it.