Thursday, April 26, 2007

These weeks go by so quickly. It's been almost a week since I last updated the blog. Of course, nothing extremely newsworthy happened. We are still waiting for CIS approval, so we can get on the waiting list. It should be coming in the near future; the sooner the better, I say. The waiting will really be long, but at least we'll be on the actual waiting list, right now we aren't even in line for anything. Our social worker e-mailed me to make sure we had not heard and not let her know. Now, she will be possibly the first I contact. Since I don't get to check the mail for the anticipated envelope, until I get home from work, I may very likely be e-mailing our social worker, while I call Kevin with the good news. He also has started asking nearly everyday, if we've got it in the mail. One of these days (and hopefully soon) I will be able to answer "YES" to his question.

The waiting families meeting last Saturday was pretty interesting. There were a total of 6 families, who spoke about their travels and adoption. Two were from China, two from Russia, one from Colombia and one from Vietnam. Being that several different countries were represented, perspectives were of course different, especially depending on the country and length of the trip(s) in the country. Having a family speak from the perspective of a family recently back from Vietnam was most beneficial.

After it was over Kevin and I decided to go to a Vietname restaurant for lunch, which is only a few miles from where we were. Well, we get there and finally find a parking spot (it's street parking near a residential area of Chicago) and drop our quarter in the meter and wouldn't you know it there's a sign on the door that they are no longer opened for lunch starting on May 15th, 2005!! Yes, you read that right 2005!! (And the hours I find online at Metromix, still has not been updated. I'm hoping that maybe tomorrow (Friday night) we can go for dinner. I'm wondering am I making any sense with this post; I think I am just going to head to bed and go to sleep.

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Stacie said...

I hate waiting for things in the mail - I was hauting the mailbox until my passport finally came- it was holding up our homestudy! I'm hoping you get your CIS approval soon!!