Thursday, April 12, 2007

I've Been Tagged! (I AM UNIQUE!)

Jess of Our Golden Child has tagged me and now I must list 10 things that make me odd. But since this is the 21st century, let's be a little politically correct and say "10 things that make me UNIQUE!"

1) I sleep on my stomach and just cannot fall asleep lying on my back; no matter how I try. I always have to flip over to my stomach if Iwant to sleep, otherwise I will not fall asleep.

2) When I was a little girl, I was flexible enough to bite my toenails!

3) I never got a driver's license. Just never did and for the past 10+ years, I take the train to work, so with the little time that I'd be driving,it really doesn't make sense too get one with the added cost of insurance and another car, which would rarely ever get driven anyway!

4) I nearly died when I was 13!!! I was hospitalized with viral encephalitis ad in the hospital for nearly a month.

5) To go long with #5, the only effect that I still have is that I have a slight speech impediment, but a lot of people think I may be hearing-impaired.

6) I double majored in college in Sociology and Elementary Education in college.

7) While a passenger in the car, I can fall asleep really easily.

8) I am left-handed and am married to another lefty.

9) We have quite a few cow-related items. Kevin loves those bovines amd has gotten me started on liking them, so we have quite a bit of cow items decorating our home.

10) Although, being a chocolate lover is not unique, my husband hates chocolate, so I always am given any chocolate, he receives. Since he is a teacher that is usually more than I can eat, so I'll bring it to work, where they finish it off in no time at all.

Coming up with 10 things that were unique was not easy. Well time to get ready for work, but I tag Kelly and Melanie to list 10 things about themselves that make them UNIQUe, not ODD.


Jenn and BJ said...

7 & 8 sound like me, too!

Kelly said...

lol. glad to see you changed it from odd to unique. I am a little behind on blog reading, but I promise that by the end of the weekend I will respond to your tag and put together a list on my blog.
hope you guys are holding up through the long wait.