Tuesday, April 3, 2007

March Madness Losses and Baby Dreams Do Come True

Quite an interesting title, I know. The team I picked to win March Madness did and actually all my picks did really well. We have an annual pool at work and I would have got 2nd place, which this year would have won me $50. But, as you noticed I used the words "would have", because at the time, I decided not to go into the pool this year for a change. So, now I'm kicking myself for not spending that 10 bucks. I've played every year that I have worked here, I think and some years I did pretty good up until the end, but usually be the end of the tournament, I am never near placing in the top three where money comes into play. But of course, the one year I do great; I don't play . Murphy's law I guess.

Now for some happy baby news. Kevin and I met a couple, Tara and Doug at the Chicago FCVN Tet Celebration in February. They are currently in Vietnam and just met their son. As Vietnam is about 12 hours ahead of us in time, they should now be officially Tommy's parents. Their blog and his cute photo(s) can be found in the margin under Traveling, Baby Gray. CONGRATULATIONS!

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