Sunday, July 8, 2007

Weird, I can't create a title for my entries. The box is there, but the cursor won't appear in there. I guess, Ill guess that I'll have create my own title seperately from the way I use to.

Our Trip to the U.P. of Michigan

I just realized I never posted about our trip a few weeks ago. We took a couple days off end of the week and went for a long weekend to visit Kevin's brother and father. The weather was great warm during the days, but the evenings and nights really cooled off. I took tons of pictures, so this will be more of a pictorial essay.

Here's a couple views of Pine Mountain. The sun was just starting to set somewhat so we got to see a beautiful sunset.

Here's one of the ski jumps in the area. This one is at Pine Mountain.

I believe this is the peaceful waters of Lake Antoine.

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