Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sorry I don't update this blog as often as I should, after typing so much of the day at work, I really don't feel like typing that mch in the evening. I do, visit your blog and websites quite often. It just seems lately I have been leaving fewer comments, also. But do know I am following along with you on your journeys

Saturday, was a busy day, we got up and took the train downtown to go to Chinatown, where the local Families with Children from Vietnam group were meeting for the Dragon Boat Festival. There were several waiting families there and I finally got to meet Tommy, who Tara and Doug adopted back in April, whom I met at the FCV Tet celebration in February. He is even cuter in person than on his blog; and you have to admit he's probably the cutest baby ever! I also got to meet Christine & her, husband, who live a couple towns away from us. They have had one heck of a time with their dossier. They are waiting again for another document and hopefully it can be submitted to Vietnam. They also have a blog that I follow.

We also ended up going to the Kane County Fair later that same evening. I'll have to post some pictures, soon. So, we had quite a busy Saturday. On Sunday, we went to church as usual then came home did some cleaning and mowed the lawn, etc. and then had my parents over. We ended up having a delicious meal at Red Lobster. That has to be my favorite restaurant from the Lobster and Crab Stuffed mushroom to the wonderful biscuits they have to the garlic shrimp scampi and grilled shrimp, everything was just wonderful.

On July 19th, our agency was privileged to have a couple of the officials from the Department of International Adoption (DIA) in Vietnam visit on their first stop in their American tour. Interestingly enough, we found out our agency is one of the top five agencies in Vietnam. Also, it was learned that of 43 licensed agencies in Vietnam, only twenty are doing a good job. Here's the story on our agency's blog.

We just received an update from our agency, but nothing was said about referrals or anything. Either we did not receive anything or the Vietnam coordinator is on vacation and didn't send out her personal e-mail or maybe they were just very busy with officials' visit last week.

Tomorrow, our agency is putting on another waiting families forum with a pediatrician who is familiar with adopted children. What is really great is she has an office in two of the adjoining towns! So, there is a good chance, she will probably be the one we take our child to once we get him home and possibly even be our regular pediatrician. Well, it looks like I should call it a night, since I have to be up early for work.


LaLa said...

Good to hear from you...great about the pediatrician...

Amber said...

Darn!! You should have let me know you were heading out to the fair. I wanted to go, but Jason had to work and I didn't want to go alone with just the kids. Next year?

Sue & Charlie said...

Kathryn, the Dragonboat fest was in Racine...BTW you have been tagged by me!