Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Late Update

Last week, our agency received 3 more referrals, so we have moved down the list a little more on the list. We are now #87 for a boy and #143 overall. Little by little we are chipping away at the list. Just under 2 months ago, we started on the list as #159 and #95 and we have already made some progress. They are expecting more referrals soon. So hopefully, we may see another update tomorrow or Monday. Also, there are currently 5 families from CHI who are in Vietnam getting their children; I believe they all should have their children now.


Jo said...

Glad to hear your getting closer.

Vietnam Baby Girl Smith said...

Congrats on moving up!! We have not even gotten on the list yet but we are excited that things are moving along.

R... said...

I love your adoption math and am glad to hear you are moving up the list!