Saturday, March 3, 2007

Tet, Vietnamese New Year with Pictures

Last Saturday, we trekked on over to Chicago. It was slated to really snow a lot, but at the time we were setting out to go. It was not, yet. We had a Vietnamese meal, which I can't name exactly, but there were egg rolls, spring rolls, some sort of fried rice (beef,pork or chicken, I think) and a couple other Vietnamese ntrees or sides. We met a few others who were adopting from Vietnam. One couple had just received their referral of a little boy and were waiting to hear when they would be traveling to pick him up. Of course, she shared her picture of her adorable, soon-to-be son with all of us. I need to send an e-mail to her and see if they have heard anything. We also met another prospective mother who was going to be a single mother and I believe,was just finishing up her dossier to send to Vietnam.

After dinner, we got entertained by Vietnamese dancers, both a girls' dance troupe and a lion's dance team. Everyone really enjoyed it and I took lots of photos. So as not to bore all of you. I'll try and post only some of the best shots.

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