Thursday, March 8, 2007

International Hits

It is so interesting, when I started this blog and not long after I started the one before this one. I put a web tracker on my website, which just lets me know how many people come to this website and in general, where they are. I can't find out specific information, but it shows me whatcountry , what state, and often times what city they are in. It's not 100% accurate of course, since I figured out for the most part that when Kevin or I visit our blog, it will show that the hit(s) came from Chicago, IL and although we are not from the city itself, we are a suburb. Some have it more specific such as Naperville, IL, Reston, VA, Houma, LA, but I usually don't often know specifically who it is. I know several people in and around Naperville, so it could be any of them. I don't know anyone personally from Reston, VA, but sice I see that hit location often I figure it's another blogger and adoptive parent (AP) or prospective adoptive parent (PAP). But one thing that I find the most fascinating is when I get hits from other countries than the United States. Canada, isn't that surprising since it's so nearby, but in just the past week or less I have gotten hits from Netherlands, France, Italy, Brazil, Germany, China, Croatia, Sweden and in the past I've even had hits from Vietnam, as well as probably other countries. I just find it really interesting. Since this year began, Ive had nearly 1900 visitors, most who have returned time and time again.

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Jess and Paul said...

I have to admit, I saw your counter a couple of weeks ago and visited the link. I then signed myself up! I have gotten hits from all over the world,'s facinating and fun! I only wish more people would leave comments when they "drop by."