Thursday, March 8, 2007

Questions answered

How long does it take once you GET that approval?

The approval from USCIS can take anywhere from a month or less up to several months. I believe lately people have been getting it in 6 to 8 weeks once the home study is received. Right now, we are still waiting on several documents to be returned to our agency, so she can finish up our homestudy report. When we might get the documents is up in the air, but I really hope that it could all the different background checks, etc. might hopefully get to our agency before the end of the month. I would really love to be on our agency's waiting list by early July, if not sooner. Please keep us in your prayers, good wishes, whatever, that all this paperwork comes back quickly.

Thought there were more questions people asked, but that's the only one I see. If anyone has questions, feel free to post it in the comments section of a recent post and I'll try to answer it soon in a future post.


Janna said...

Hi Kathryn! It's been awhile since I've been by.....the whole adoption process is just so overwhelming! Hang in there! One day you'll have your baby in your arms.

Amber said...

How lopng on the waiting list? (Just want to know when I can go shopping with and for your little one!!) :)