Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Taste of Vietnam

Yesterday, Kevin had a early childhood seminar to attend, so I got up early and went along with him and went to Barnes & Noble for a couple hours. That is where I read all the articles about Brad and Angelina. I enjoyed just browsing around in Barnes and Noble. I had planned to walk around some, but didn't walk too much other than when Kevin dropped me off at the post office, so I could mail back the Netflix DVD that I watched the night before, The Butterfly Effect; somewhat strange, but not bad.

For lunch Kevin, one of his co-workers, her daughter and I went to a Vietnamese restaurant in downtown Evanston. The weather was beautiful, probably in the low 50's or upper 40's; at least it felt wonderful after the weather, we've been having this winter. The food was really good. I ordered Heo Xao Cam (your guess is as good as mine on how to pronounce it.) , which is marinated pork with onions, green peppers, and pineapple with orange sauce. You also got chicken soup (pho), fried rice and either a fried egg roll or a spring roll. I just can't get into the spring roll, so I went with the egg roll. I also ordered a dua (coconut) smoothie. It tasted a lot like a pina colada except for not having rum and oh yeah, no pineapple, either. Kevin ordered Ga Lui Dut Lo, which is brochette chicken, onions and green peppers with sweet sour sauce. We will definitely go there again. I can't wait until the weather gets even nicer, so we can go into the city to the area where they have a lot of Vietnamese restaurants. There's a handful of others here in the suburbs or outlying areas of the city, but there's a few streets in the northern part of the city, which is little enclave of Vietnamese restaurants and shops. Boy with the time change it is so bright outside and it is nearly 6:00, I better go make dinner. This weekend sure went quickly! Next weekend, we have an adoption conference to go to Saturday and then getting together with my parents to celebrate Kevin's birthday.

Amber asked how long it would be once we are on the waiting until we get a referral of a child? Well, things can change for either the better or the worst, but right now once we get on the waiting list is 12-15 months, at least last time that I know that our agency mentioned the wait times. Then we still will have to wait a couple months or more to travel to Vietnam. It's still, so early in the whole adoption process that it is really difficult to pinpoint a possible time that we may get our child or at least, his (or her) referral


ts & jc said...


Hello! My husband and I are just behind you in the paperchase. Currently in the middle of our homestudy. I'd love to link to your blog. I've just started one (not pubbed yet but should be this week). I'd like to have a small circle of links that are in similar "timeline" mode. Maybe some of us will be traveling together!

Take care & let me know if this is ok.

Thanks. And good luck!


Michelle and Angelica said...

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be following your blog since we have similar timelines too. It is sooo difficult to pinpoint when we will have our babies home but I am hoping it is sooner than later!

Jenn and BJ said...

I only wish we had a little more variety in restaurants here so that I, too, could try out the vietnamese cuisine. Sounds like you've been busy. HOpe you have a fun weekend.

Amber said...

Need to catch up here, but also wanted to let you know the birth story. Don't want to post it to my blog though- don't want to scare anyone from living their VBAC dreams. I didn't get my VBAC experience, but my body was trying. This is copied from my LJT journal:

I was having fairly consistent contrations for about 24 hours before my water broke around 5am on March 13th. We went to the hospital and I was 5 cm and 80% effaced. I labored til shortly after 9and then I started to get some major pains on my previous insision. Then I started bleeding and my doc knew I was rupturing. So then the rush was on for a repeat c-section. Was in the OR a short while later and Ashleigh was born at 10:11 am. The anesthesia and recovery have gone SO much more smoothly with the repeat c-sectin than with Payton. And my fate is sealed for any future births, but at least I did get to experience a natural start to labor this time and I have no regrets now.