Monday, January 1, 2007

2006 out, 2007 in


Actually, our new year's celebration was nice and low key. We just spent some time with close friends with lots of soda, snacks, and just a champagne or sparkling grape juice toast at midnight. Nothing wild and crazy; we'll leave that to the younger generation and as a memory of our past inhibitions during our younger days!

Since it's the new year, a few resolutions I guess are in order:

  • The usual lose weight should be included although maybe only 10 lbs. or so;
  • Fewer visits to Starbucks is a must, but is difficult when every block or two has one;
  • Maybe eating out less (But we have improved a lot in that area);
  • Keep in touch with friends better.

Well, I don't want to go overboard, so I'll stop there. What is it they say, 95% of New Year resolutions are broken during the first 10 days or so?


Jenn and BJ said...

Happy New Year to you! Just checked out your blog. Yes, you're correct, we're with the same agency. I was visiting family in Schaumburg when I read your message and now I have returned home to TX. Hope you had a great time celebrating 2007 arriving. Here's to hoping our journey's to adoption our wonderful and quick :o)
looks like you're following the same time line as us. I look forward to following your process as well.

Jenn and BJ said...

oooops! I just noticed some of my misspelled words. sorry... must be the bubbly we drinking- we're celebrating a little late in the day. (i wasn't able to make it to see the new year's ball drop since we traveled for 12 hrs yesterday.)