Thursday, January 18, 2007

Current Stats & Tet

Our agency sends out an e-mail every week or so to update us about the current status of things. Here is an exercpt from the last one:

Currently there are 6 families in Vietnamadopting their children. 1 family is adopting from Vinh Long province and 5 others are adopting from orphanages in Ho Chi Minh city. 3 more families are leaving next week for Vietnam and they are all adopting from Kien Giang province. This will be the last group of families that will travel before the Tet holiday. After next week we do not feel there will be enough time for families in country to complete their adoptions before offices start closing for Tet. We did not receive any new referrals this week - but hope to have more in the upcoming weeks. Currently there are 39 families that are matched with children waiting to travel, 127 families with current CIS approval waiting to receive their referral and 164 application families in the home study process.

Tet for those of you who do not know, ( I never heard of it until recently). Tet is the Vietnamese equivalent to Chinese New Year. It is a big celebration and businesses are closed for at least a week. Tet, I believe this year is February 17th. I'll provide some more information at a later time.

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Jenn and BJ said...

Thanks for sharing your letter. I did receive one yesterday, but it was not nearly as detailed as yours -she also didn't include the stats of # of familys waiting and in home study. Here's to you and me being one of the 164! Hope the rest of your home study visits go smoothly. Hope you're staying warm up there in IL.