Saturday, January 6, 2007

This was our 1st week back at work. It's always good to get back to your regular schedule; even though getting up so early was not that easy. At least not for me, it doesn't phase Kevin and I don't think his alarm even went off on Tuesday and that would have been quite awhile before my alarm clock went off. Work for me was busy as usual; but things are rarely slow in legal offices. Even with only a 4-day work week, I was definitely ready for the weekend. On Friday, thank goodness, I got my hair done at the beauty salon; I feel o much better after all that has been taken care of. Then, we ate and visited with my parents and headed back home.

Saturday was quite a full day. After making sure, we had all the necessary paper work and filled out & printed an online application for each of us. We headed to Walgreen's for our passport photos to be taken. The ease of the digital camera made that an easy and relatively quick process. We then headed to the post office a couple towns away to file an application for passports. It was the first time, either of us had to get a passport. We had to wait for quite sometime, probably close to an hour. They were really busy and there was only one clerk doing passports and quite a line, since one, it was Saturday and two, they are starting to require passports to travel to Canada or Mexico, which was never required before. Thank goodness, we had all the required paperwork and everything went smoothly. Now in about 6-8 weeks, we should be getting our passports sent to us. I forget how long they are good for, 5-10 years I think; hopefully closer to the latter, since all the costs associated with them aren't cheap, but in the long run with the cost of adoption, it will be a spit in the bucket, so to speak.

We then headed to our town's police department, so we could get our ink fingerprints taken. We need to send them to the FBI for one of several background criminal checks. Lots of repetitive actions required. We'll end up having at least 3 different sets of fingerprints taken and have a physical and a couple different medical letters written that we are medically fit to parent both physically and mentally at several steps of this long process, but one that will be totally worth it in the end.

Well if that wasn't enough running around for the day, we decided to run to one of the local malls to pick up Kevin some new shirts and look around for some other shirts. We found some good deals, which is always nice. We ended up getting him a University of Michigan t-shirt, a DePaul t-shirt, a John Deere t-shirt (for that country boy in him) a long -sleeve University of Illinois t-shirt, and a UCLA sweatshirt. Also, I picked up some sheer yellow curtains for the French doors in our kitchen. It will be nice to finally have curtains on those windows.

Well, I think, I'll watch an episode of ER that I got from Netflix. I never saw the show before, so I'm looking forward to it, since I heard so many good things. Then, I'll just hit the sack; I'm sure I'll have no problem sleeping, after our busy day on-the-run.

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