Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Adoption Update

I've been meaning to update, but never find the time, so will do a quick one. On Tuesday the 16th, we had our 1st home study appointment at their offices. All went well and it wasn't as bad as one might think. This time they talked to us together for about 2 hours. Our next appointment will be in a couple weeks and we each meet with her separately. We are working to schedule those two. Then this past Saturday, we had the mandatory adoption education class. It was from 9-3:30, but we all brought our lunch back and ate it there and then they were asble to start the afternoon quicker. We talked about a bunch of different thing, i.e. attachment, medical issues, referrals, travel, etc. There were couples and singles from various country. For a change, China wasn't the most popular program, Vietnam was. There were12 people in all, 5 couples and two single women. I've run out of time, I'll talk more later.

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Jenn and BJ said...

Sounds like you and I are plugging right along... I thought about sending in the I600-a before the home study paperwork was in, but was told the San Antonio office will not look it over until the home study papers are there. Shucks. Good luck with the other home study segments. They will be a snap, too. You are lucky you were able to take an adoption class and meet other couples- we have to take the book/cd course since the agency is about 5 hrs away.