Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Waiting for approval

Although we were approved for the China program, we now have to be approved for the Vietnam program. Our agency is quite large and they have the adoption consultants, etc. specialize in a country, so you will have employees who know their specific country backwards and forwards, instead of having them have to know several countries. That is when confusion is more likely to happen, so having totally different people in each specific program is a very good thing! But now, the Vietnam program director has to approve us for her program. Originally, when we decided to change, she was on vacation, she got back last week, but then we were informed that we needed a note from the doctor regasrding when I was 13 and was hospitalized for viral encephalitis.

Of course, I was notified of this last Thursday, a day and a half before the holiday weekend began. Since it was nearly, the end of the work day, I quickly faxed my doctor's office about my needed request. On Friday, I called and they had received it and the nurse was looking it over. I figured the office probably was not open on Saturday and if they were, they would be extremely busy. Since Monday was Christmas, of course, no one was there and I was so busy anyways with having my parents and cousin over. Today, we decided that we needed some exercise and since the doctor's office is only about a mile away, we walked over there. They had a memo typed up and were just waiting for the doctor's signature. Since we were there, they checked to see if the doctor was able to sign it. He did and it was a very nice letter/note. and said I was completely recovered and that my past condition will in no way effect my parenting ability. It also goes on to say He feels I am an outstanding candidate to adopt children. Hopefully, it'll will meet the appoval of the Vietnam program director. As soon as I got home, I scanned it in to the computer and e-mailed it to her in St. Louis, as well as to the adoption consultant at the regional office by us. She is suppose to be in tomorrow and Thursday, so hopefully, she will approve it quickly and let us know, so we can send the contract and fee to our agency before the end of the year, since agency fees go up at the beginning of the year.

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