Friday, December 29, 2006

Starting on our journey

We met briefly with our adoption consultant. We turned in our contract fee and our homestudy fee. We now have a mountain of paperwork to start working on. We also set up some our 1st homestudy appointment. It will be in their Des Plaines office on the 16th and this one will be with both Kevin and I together. There will be 4 appointments in all, one with just me, one just Kevin, and one at our home. Afterwards we went to dinner with my parents at our favorite Chinese buffet. If any of my relatives are reading this, you know what restaurant I am talking about. We also in February have physicals scheduled for later in the month. I wish they were earlier, but our doctor's office schedules them about 6-8 weeks ahead of schedule. Hopefully, they will have some cancellations, so we will be able to get in somewhat earlier. We also on will be attending on January 20th, an all-day required education class from our agency. Well, I'm going to keep this post short, as I have a bunch of things I need to do, including putting a dent into our paperwork!

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Kelly said...

congrats! I will keep my fingers crossed that you can get in to the doctor's earlier.