Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boy or Girl?

We originally planned on adopting a little girl from China, who would have probably been between 9 months to a year and a half when we received her. The current wait for a child from China seems to be about 15 months or so from when your paperwork is accepted in China and logged into their computer. The wait for a girl currently in Vietnam is 18-24 months and for a boy it is 10-12 months. Vietnam does things differently from China, so I don't know exactly when that time frame starts. We are still learning about Vietnam adoption. I was following Chinese adoptions for quite some time and was relatively knowledgeable about many aspects of it, but then the meeting happened and everything changed.; wait times have also been increasing in China because so many people were sending in dossiers (paperwork that was needed to adopt), which is probably the main reason the new regulations were passed.

But it seems that our best bet for a child would be to adopt a baby boy. Most prospective adoptive parents want a girl, which is probably why the wait for a girl is so much longer than for a boy. We just want to be parents and will love either a boy or girl, so it is looking much more likely that we will request a boy! In China, it is much more uncommon to have boys be put up for adoption, and if they are they often have some special need. Although, it is niot unheard of to get a healthy boy, just rare.

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Erin said...

We have 3 boys and I wouldn't change that for the world! You will have so so so much fun with him! Blessings!