Friday, September 19, 2008

Depressing Thought

Our local radio station has a segment called "The Impossible Question of the Day" and earlier the question was this:

Q: According to recent figures the average person experiences this for the first time when they are 47.

A: Become a Grandparent
How depressing is that for those of either over 40 or nearing it. My parents are 74 and 80 and they have yet to be grandparents and if we get a child in the next year, we won't see ourselves as being grandparents until we are in our 60's or 70's.


Meg DeZutti said...

DO NOT let the numbers game get to you. The average woman probably gets married before 33, but I didn't. My mom was 21...and had her first baby at 23. That just wasn't in the cards for me. My husband was 44 when we got married and it was his 1st marriage. He has a brother who has a 25 yo. So my mother in law became a grandmother for the first time at 53, and now at 79 will be a grandmother again (there are 9 grandchildren between 25 - 8.)
You and Kevin are 1st time parents now because the timing is right. You have waited and endured so much, and your baby will know every day how loved he/she is. And so what if you are a grandma at 70...your grandchildren will have more love from you at 70, than they would other grandmas who are 47 years old. Okay, enough of my soap box for today!

fiveinthehive said...

It's so hard not to do those kinds of calculations while you wait. I'm sorry your mind is on things that make you sad and I hope you'll be able to set your mind to happier thoughts this weekend.

Missy said...

I had my first baby at 21. Then one at 25, 30, 34. I will probably be 38 when our daughter comes home. Age doesn't really matter! I think I am a much better parent now than at 21! Ok, maybe slightly less active, but way less stressed about doing it right!! You will be great parents!!

abc123vn said...

AMEN - NO numbers game. I could drive myself NUTS if I did that.