Sunday, March 30, 2008

Soon To Be Vietnam-Bound

The dossier that is, not us. The Fed Ex package was re-delivered the same day. I was then able to scan and copy it and send it FedEx the next to CHI. It arrived at CHI on Friday, but unfortunately, it was not able to go out with the shipment of dossiers that afternoon. I did receive an e-mail that it would be reviewed and sent out on Tuesday, which by the way is April 1st (April Fools Day)! I'm already feeling so relieved that I don't have the dossier to worry about anymore. We've finished our part and now it's totally out of our hands.

Another snafu, we had in this process to complete our dossier was when I took everything to be state certified. I had one of the secretaries in my office notarize my employment letter. That sounds simple enough right? Well when I took it to the secretary of State to be state-certified. I was told that it had to be re-notarized, because the stamp she had, had the wrong expiration date on it. Had she not gone on medical leave for a few weeks, I probably would have had her notarize all of my documents and would have had to start over pretty much. Thank goodness, it happened on my employment letter and not Kevin's, that had taken forever to get. Also, thank goodness, it had happened before the office manager took his week-long vacation.


abc123vn said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What great news...I hope the rest of your wait is not very long!

Becky and Keith said...

Congratulations!!! Doesn't it feel great to be done with the paperwork! That is awesome!

Jodean said...

Congratulations!! I bet you are glad to have this much behind you, I know we are!

Hopefully our Dossier will be off in the same batch as yours=) We too had MANY notary issues. For one thing, Arkansas apparently doesn't require the entire affirmation. The notary on my employment letter had to be redone THREE times for various reasons, and my principal took her sweet time about it each time!

Anonymous said...

Glad it's all done. What a relief!
Diane Castellon