Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lucas Needs Your Prayers!!

I recently became aware of this blog about Lucas, a little boy who was burned last week. His mom & dad both have blogs about their family (they recently brought home their two Ethiopian children and have two biological children) where you can read more about it. I have been following his mom's blog, but have been having computer problems whenever I try to view his dad's. His mother's blog is great, so much faith; a real inspiration.

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Sharon Flath said...

Hi! I came to your Blog from the ChI yahoo group. I think i read that article in Parents that you mentioned. Since my husband was reluctant, i wish I could have brought it home. (I read it in the Doctors ofice!!)
I love you Blog! We are LID 2/9/07 so in this wait with you but to China. I will be interested to follow your journey to Vietnam!! If you click on my name (or something) you can get to our Blog to see who we are. Best wishes,