Monday, January 24, 2011

Things I've Done and Words I Say

Joshua's first experience playing in the snow.

Joshua meets Santa for the 1st time.

Joshua's First Christmas
I just wanted to take sometime to mark down a few things about Joshua.
When we brought him home at 8 1/2 months, he was already pulling himself up and almost immediately was cruising, holding onto furniture
His first doctor's appointment, he weighed in at 19.6 lbs. (38%ile) and was 28 inches tall (53%ile).
7/10 was his first trip to Brookfield Zoo.
Over Labor Day weekend, he took his first overnite, out-of-state trip to Michigan and met his Grandpa Bill and Uncle Jeff.
He took his first steps in 9/11 in front of me and his grandma, my mom (Kevin was at a H.S. football game at the time). Actually, he walked across the living room. For the first couple weeks, his walking resembled the song, "Monster Mash". It really was cute to see.
He puckered up and gave me his first real kiss when I was getting out of the car to catch the train for work on October 14th.
Joshua turned 1 year old on October 16th.
On October 17th, he had his baby dedication at Cary Grove Evangelical Church.
Poor kid on October 28th, he had a circumcision. He bounced back remarkably. He was walking around that afternoon when we got home and before the end of the weekend, one would never know he had had surgery. He mended incredibly quick.
On November 13th, he went to Illinois State University, his mom's college alma mater to watch the H.S. volleyball championships, his probable high school alma mater, Cary-Grove H.S. vs. Lyons Twp. H.S., his mom's high school alma mater.
November 14th, he started saying nana for banana. He already says mama and dada.
November 19th was the 1st time I celebrated my birthday as a mother.
Although, it probably snowed some before, December 11 was his first experience playing in the snow.
December 11th was also the first time he saw Santa. He did very well with him. I wasn't sure how he'd do, but he didn't cry or anything. Of course, he didn't really understand the significance. I really wasn't that thrilled about this Santa, but after all this Santa was at our local Walgreen's.
Christmas Eve, Joshua weighed about 23 pounds and was 31 inches tall.
January 2nd was his 1st visit to Immediate Care. He had an earache and cough/cold.
He went to his 1st gathering with other kids adopted from Ethiopia to celebrate Genna -Ethiopian Christmas, on January 8th.
Words he says: mama, dada, daddy, bye, hi, nana - banana, peas - please, teet - teeth, ba - ball, hat, baby, cookie, and doggy.
I really need to keep this up, even if it is only a short little blurb of a couple sentences.

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Evan said...

YAY! So happy for the Joshua update! He is soo darn cute!