Saturday, January 29, 2011

Animal Sounds

Most children probably start out with moo and baa and maybe woof. He loves dogs, so woof or some form of it would make sense.

His nursery is in a jungle theme, so he has a picture of a lion and other animals hanging above his changing table, as well as on his bedding and wall hanging. His first animal noise was a kind of lion's roar; really cute. Just yesterday, I was going through a book of animals and when we came to the pigs, he didn't oink, but made a snorting sound! Whenever I pointed a pig out to him, I'd oink and also snort like a pig. He'd laugh like crazy when I did the snorting,! But hearing him snort is so funny, when I realized what he was doing I couldn't help, but laugh! Also, when we look at his baby animals book and get to the gorilla, he beats his chest. Oh my gosh, this is adorable.

He also says wawa for water and mil for milk and he says and signs more. He also signs fish when we sing the fish song or sometimes when he sees a picture of fish. I bet he'll enjoy "Finding Nemo" when he is a little older. He says feet and shoe, also. He tries to repeat us a lot. He's starting to put block shapes through the right holes. It takes a little bit for him to figure the right hole, but he is getting there. Well, he is awake now, so I better get going!

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Christina Hubbard said...

It is so much fun watching them learn new things daily! They are like little sponges soaking it all up. Joshua is a cutie!