Thursday, January 27, 2011

Smart Shopping and Great Deals

Last week, while I was checking my couponing sites, I saw this deal. had the Garth Brooks The Limited Series Box Collection for $5. That's right for $5 dollars, I got 5 CDs: Sevens, Scarecrow, Double Live- 2 CDs, The Lost Sessions and a DVD with Interview Footage, Music Videos, Live Performances, etc. Tax and shipping only came out to an extra $2 or so and then it turned out to be delivered by FedEx, not the post office (no offense to those of you with the USPS, but you know what I mean).

Also, last night, I went to Walgreens and spent only $5.70 for all this: (I was going to take a picture, but forgot and unpacked everything. I got a jumbo package of Huggies diapers, paper plates, 6 Hershey bars, and 3 packages of Jello. Actually, now that I check the receipt, I should have saved 30 more cents, because the candy bars were 80 cents each and I had 3 buy one got one (BOGO) free coupons and she entered only 70 cents for each of the coupons, but the diapers at regular price were 10.99 (now I'd never spend that much), so basically everything else was free and the diapers half price. Oh yeah, I also got $2 in register rewards to use next time!

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