Friday, May 7, 2010

Court Date 5/11

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted here. I am usually on facebook and so are most people that I know so I just neglect this site. Last month, we finally were notified that our paperwork had been submitted to the court. Usually we aren't told when this exactly happens, but with the upcoming deadline for one or two trips, they did. Then a day or two later, we were told that our court date would be May 11th. Now that is only a few days away. Since Ethiopia is 8 hours ahead of the Central Time Zone, it will happen as we sleep Monday night into Tuesday morning. Please pray that all the paperwork from the different agencies and orphanage are there in court, everything is spelled correctly, all the people who need to be in court, are in court, and that the court's electricity is working at the time. If any of these things aren't just right, our case will be rescheduled, so let's hope, pray, think positive thoughts, whatever it takes for us to become Joshua's legal parents. Remember once we hear that we pass, I will share his pictre online. Also, remember, I will be at work and will be unable to post his pictures until I get home, so please be patient. Lately, there has been some phone difficulties, so we could be declared his parents and our agency might be unable to get through to our Agency's Ethiopian representative.

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