Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Trip or Two?

It looked like we'd squeak in under the old 1 trip rule, but it's very unsure if that will happen now. The U.S. Department of State made this announcement : The Federal First Instance Court of Ethiopia has announced that as of May 9, 2010, adoptive parents must appear at the federal court hearing for their adoptive child in order for the adoption to be approved. This new requirement will affect all pending and new adoption cases that have not yet been presented to the court. Here it is in full:

It is unclear whether one will have to have to have their courtdate by that, pass court by that time, or if the paperwork will merely need to be submitted to the court. Please pray that we have to take only one trip. This is also the most expensive time to travel to Ethiopia, so finding the funds to make two trips will be difficult.

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Amber said...

Well I hope you are able to only do the one trip!