Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby Shower #1

Last Saturday, I had my first of several baby showers. A group of women meet every 1st Saturday of the month for what has been named Coffee and Conversation. They threw a small shower for me with many of the regulars. I haven't gotten pictures yet, but hope to receive them soon. I did snap a picture of part of the cake, that was left over and I brought home.

It was so delicious. It was from Costco and had chocolate mousse filling. So good and tasty, but way more than I could or should eat, especially since Kevin does not like chocolate. But we shared it with our small group which met the following night. I still have one or two more pieces. I think I'll see if I can freeze them, since I have another shower tomorrow with another Costco cake. This one Kevin can eat, since it won't be chocolate.

Got quite a few gifts, I can't name everything, but a sample were some adorable stuffed animals, books, a child's Storybook Bible, homemade blankets (beautiful), Photo frames and photo albums (always need those) and more. I just can't name everything. It was then that everything really started to feel real. Thanks to everyone who came!

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Sam's mom said...

Isn't is amazing! I LOVED my 2 showers (1 family, 1 friends) and treasure all the gifts we received. Sam's room really started shaping up after those showers.
You are SOOOOO close! Can you feel it?