Saturday, August 25, 2007

Since I last posted on Tuesday, we had even more rain on Wednesday and Thursday. The worst was on Thursday with lots of areas flooding, lots of downed trees and lots without electricity. Luckily, we were fine, but it took me over an hour and a half to get home on the train and Kevin over 2 hours driving and it usually takes about 40 minutes. The rain was so bad on the roadway.that Kevin put his arm out the car window and it was well past half of his forearm. When we got to one of the train stations; a couple of the parking lots were submerged with water between the door handle or higher. The Fox River a few blocks from our house has gone over its banks, Here's a couple photos that I took this afternoon.

The playground is usually a ways away from the water.

None of these trees should be surrounded by water

Those are young kids who ventured out into the water. The picnic bench behind the guys is usually several feet away from the shore.

None of the homes around here that I know of were affected, but there were many homes that were in other suburbs.

Yesterday (Friday), one of my cousins got married in an outdoor ceremony. Unbelievably, it was dry and not really even humid. The wedding was very nice and the weather was just about perfect for August. I had heard the reception was going to be outside under a tent, but it turned out it was inside in a very nice room in the banquet hall.

High school football has officially started; yesterday was actually suppose to be the first game, but with the weather as it had been with more rain expected last night (although it did not happen), the game for the local high school was postponed until tonight. Kevin was quite glad it was rescheduled, since he loves attending high school football games and the neighbor, some friends, and him try to go to all the games. They were undefeated the last 2 years until the quarter finals. A very interesting bit of trivia, the founder of Jimmy John's graduated from the high school.

One more bit of news; this one adoption related. A waiting child was placed, so we move down another slot on each of the list. We are now about #130 overall and #77 for those open to boys. There are also 3 families traveling to Vietnam this weekend to get their children.


Anonymous said...

I thought of you several glad to hear that your home/area was not demolished by the rain and flooding. My prayers are for the families that are wading through the mud now. I cant imagine how difficult and trying that would be to ones soul.

Keep your chin above water.


tara said...

Hi Kathryn: Glad to hear you guys weren't flooded - the Fox River crested here in Batavia over the weekend - we're far enough away that we were fine, but it was still scary! Enjoy the rest of summer!