Thursday, August 16, 2007

Our Flower Garden

On the other blog last year, I would post updates of our flower garden. This year I haven't done that and fraankly, I think it's better this year than last. We have a couple more varieties and last year actually was our first year with a garden. Because although we moved in here in May 2005, there was no time to really do much planting. So here's a shot of most of our petunias.

Our rabbits ear and if anyone knows the name of deep purple plant, I'd love to know! Even my mom who is quite the gardener has never seen it.

Our mum has just started blooming in the past couple weeks and there are many more buds waiting to bloom soon.

Our begonias.

And a cropped shot of our entire flower garden.

Well, today is our work summer outing. We are going to go to a Chicago Cubs game! We were suppose to have a picnic in Lincoln Park, but they have been saying morning showers all week on Thursday, so they ecided to have the lunch in the office and then go to the gasme. This actually works better for me and probably several others who live in the noth and west suburbs, because to reach that area at leat I'd have to end up taking a bus. Instead I can just take a train into the city, stop at the office for lunch and then walk to the el/subway and take it straight to the ball park.


Jessica and Eddie said...

I am also thinking it may be first of year when we are asked to start our dossier. Maybe we will be travelling at same time since we are so close. We chose the name John when we first started the adoption. I always said if I had a son, i was naming him after my grandpa. So John it is!!!!

Jennifer G. said...

Hi, from one fellow gardener to another! The "deep purple plant" is called heuchera. It's pronounced hoo-kur-uh. The common name is coral bells. They come in many varieties, and it's a bit hard to tell from the photo which exact variety you have. Gardening is good "therapy" while getting through the adoption process.

Shannon & Richard said...

I am NOT a gardener. I wish I were but I just don't have that all important green thumb.But I can still appreciate a beautiful flower garden!! You have done a great job with it! It looks great!!
Hope you enjoy the game!!