Monday, August 6, 2007

3 Month Anniversary

Well, it has been 3 months since we were added to the agency's waiting list on May 7th. If all goes as they predict, we can expect a referral in 9-12 months. I guess this means we should start getting busy preparing for our son. Several months ago, we started removing some wallpaper in what will be the nursery and discovered at least 3 layers of wallpaper. Well, we got vwhat people recommended we use to remove the wallpaper, but with so many layers, we are having a heck of time with it. We have decided we will hire someone to remove the wallpaper, who has experience doing things quickly. One of the couples at work has a son who has a decorating business, so we will go with him. We will do the painting ourselves most probably, but the wallpaper will be someone else's job. Hopefully, we can get this done in the next month or so and then paint before, it gets too cold where we don't want to open the windows.


Shannon & Richard said...

yes! Another month down!! Doesn't 9-12 months sound and feel SO much better than 12-15?? :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! How exciting to begin working on the nursery...can I come and help?

Have a beautiful day!


katedrew94 said...

Hey Kathryn- I just got the blog up and running, and transferred the posts to it. It's easier. I'll probably keep both though, since that way people who are in the yahoo group can just stay there.

Amber said...

Trailer races raced. It rianed while we were putting the entry together, but for the race itself, it was dry. And the Railway Museum is in Union. Elgin has the trolley museum (which I have yet to go visit).