Saturday, June 16, 2007

While I was looking at the different adoption blogs. I found this cute photo on the blog one of the husband's were doing. I understand the feeling, although people are starting to comment more

In response to Becky, actually that is not my garden; it's part of my mom's. Ours does not look anywhere near that good. Weeds love us too and I just don't have the patience and diligence to pull weeds as often they need to be. Wait, as the summer progresses, I'll post some of the gorgeous flowers and all my mom grows. I'll have to post some of the stuff in our garden. I better do that soon before I start posting pictures from my parents; ours will look sad in comparison. Of course, they have lived in the same house for over 40 years and we have only had ours for a little over 2.

To respond to Shannon and Misty 's comments, the Pregnant with Love ... t-shirt is available at Adoption Mama. The t-shirts run on the small side and are fitted. I bought a large thinking that should give me a little room, but I probably would have been better off with an X-large if I really wanted some wriggle-room.

Last night, we went to the Sycamore Speedway and people watching is always interesting. You always see all kinds, but this was a first for the speedway, I am sure. There was an older gentleman, maybe in his 60's in a jacket and tie. He looked so out of place dressed like that. He also drove a real nice convertible and his car just did not fit in with the others in the parking lot.
We received an update from our agency yesterday and unfortunastely, no new referrals were received, so no movement has been made this month yet on the waiting list. Please keep praying for some more referrals soon. In better news, the 5 families that were just in Vietnam adopting their children are now home. By next week's update, they should have received some travel approvals and there could be 7-10 families traveling in that group. Also, there was a meeting with all the adoption agencies in Hanoi. There are currently 42 approved adoption agencies who can work in Vietnam. Since Vietnam reopened in January 2006, there has been a total of 780 children that have come home to their families in the U.S. (other countries also work with VN in placing children in forever families.) Also, in April 2007, 120 children were placed, which is probably the largest number in one month so far.


Misty said...

haha, Love the duck! :)

LaLa said...

ok...I am commenting..spare the duck. Actually I just found you..we used CHI for our China adoption in 2005 and are currently awaiting our referral from Vietnam. Like you, I wish things would speed up but I also know we are at the mercy of another country at this point...hang in there.

Shannon & Richard said...

Yes! We need referrals!! Send us more referrals!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw an American family with 2 little Asian girls this weekend and thought of you! This adoption process is soooooo long. Fingers crossed for you! *Janna

Anonymous said...

I haven't been over here in ages!!! You have been in my thoughts, though. Glad you are moving up the waitlist...even if it is slow. You are that much closer to your son!


Jessica and Eddie Maynard said...

Hey Kathryn,
It does look like we are close to each other on the list. We just need to get more referrals in this week. Hopefully we will get some!!!

Amber said...

Don't hurt the duck!! I'm here. I do think though I should steal taht image from you to post in my sad little blog. ;)

Anonymous said...

Kathryn - first off I want to see if your blog posts my comments...secondly I want you to know that I check on you often, but the blog does not always allow me to comment.

So glad you are moving up the list - I realize its slow and can't imagine how hard the wait is for you.

Mrs. Captain said...

I'm on another late-night blog checkin' kick -- LOVE the duck! very funny!

Look forward to following your journey -
Spfld, IL