Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ugh, today was so hot and humid. It was ridiculous. I don't do good in high heat and humidity and neither does my hair. If things work as predicted, (although international adoption is never predictable) but if it happens this way, it looks like we may travel in the fall or winter, which is more a dry time of year, while the summer is very humid. This would be good for me, but not much we can do about it otherwise.

End of last week and last weekend, we were up in the Upper Peninsula visiting Kevin's dad and brother. It was so nice to get away and especially to a place where the pace is slow and not as hectic as Chicagoland. The weather was beautiful, very warm during the day and cool at night. Just perfect!!! Can't believe how quick this evening went before I head to bed for the night, I want to leave you with one photo. I'll post more later, but this will whet your appetite.


Mrs. Captain said...

Looks like a perfect spot for a getaway!

Welcome back,

Melissa said...

I love the UP, esp. Marquette. Beautiful picture.

Good luck on your journey!

M and H said...

We received the book with our DVD series that CHI gives you.