Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Website Stats - Hope Mills

I was just looking at some stats on this blog through theweb counter that tracks the number of hits or people who visit thisblog. Although the statistics are vague, I can tell generally where the people are located when they visit this. It just names the city, state, or country. It's not real accurate since mine says Chicago, IL and I definitely don't live in Chicago but a distant suburb, but you get the general idea. Well, I was looking at thiese statistics just a bit ago and I noticed a hit from Hope Mills, NC. Most of you think where the heck is Hope Mills and I would have too, but at one time, I knew someone who's sister lived there. I just find it interesting that of all the places in North Carolina, much less the U.S. that the small town of Hope Mills shows up on my blog stats. What am I getting at? I don't know just found this interesting.

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