Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Deep Freeze

We have been in extremely cold temperatures since the weekend. With windchill, we were down to 30 or 40 below zero. Cold to say the least. Monday morning, I survived walking to the train. I was so layered, covered, and wrapped up, I was almost toasty. Too bad my new boots had something sharp in one of the seams and left me with a sore, blistered ankle. I returned those boots that I bought the day before and am sticking with my other boots for now. Luckily, I was able to contact a friend from the train and got a ride home, since Kevin wouldn't be home from work until late. I had to take a little later train, but it was well worth it to not to have to walk home in this weather, expecially, when it still is so dark when I get home. So, if you read this Ellen, thanks so much for the ride. The actual temperatures should be above zero and even in the high teens, but with wind chills will be around 11 below zero. Next week should offer some relief, but still will only be in the twenties. But after this week that's a heatwave. I'm definitely ready for spring, though.

Oh and don't believe, what many of us have heard, that it has to be above freexing to snow. It snowed all day yesterday. Luckily, it was the light fluffy stuff, but it still caused traffic back-ups and there was even a 40-car accident on one of the tollways.

On the adoption front, tomorrow each of us has another meeting with our social worker for 2 more home study visits. And tonight, I need to figure out our financial information. How much our monthly bills are and what we have in savings and all. Luckily, we can count any retirement savings, we have and we have almost paid off the car. It should definitely be paid off before the end of the year and dependent on my bonus at work next month, maybe a lot sooner. It sure will be nice to have the extra money from car payments to put in savings and to buy whatever stuff we'll eventually need for the baby.

Oh and by the way, congratulations to Melissa and other Hoosiers for the Colts victory against the Bears. Guess, we'll have another chance at the Super Bowl in another 21 years.

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Kelly said...

I feel for ya, its freezing up here also. as in the "I don't want to step outside for fear that I will turn into an ice statue" kind of cold.