Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Down to Number 46 Now.

Sorry, I kind of got away from blogging and keeping you updated weekly! We are now down to #46. We have had several more referrals in the past 2 weeks and this week and next our agency is closed for the holiday season. On our Yahoo group, one of the waiting families informed all of us that they were dropping out although they were #1 on the list for a girl. They were given the opportunity to adopt a little boy domestically and felt led to accept the opportunity to welcome this little boy into their family. So although, after the end of last week, we expected to finish the year out at #47, we now moved one more place to #46 and are that much closer to our son.

Yes, we are open to either a boy or girl, but the waiting list is much shorter for those wanting a boy and more people want a girl. Initially when we started this adoption journey with China, we expected to have a girl, but as with pregnancy, you wouldn't really have a choice in the matter and decided to be open to either a boy or girl. And am very excited to have a son, eventually. In fact, we haven't even considered any girl names, but have most likely decided on a boy's name, long ago. At this time though, we aren't sharing the name yet, but will eventually. When, who knows? But am hoping for that referral this spring or sooner. Since we are in the mid-40s and the last little boy referrals went to families in the mid-20s on the waiting list, it all depends on how many families between those #s are open to a baby boy. It's starting to get exciting over here. Let's hope Kevin gets the best birthday or even early-birthday present of his life.


Amber said...

Boys are easier- and mommy's best friend. :) Harder to potty train though. I do hope if I get pregnant again that I have another boy. <3

Tara said...

Kathryn - that's great news! Hope you have had a very Merry Christmas!

Steph and Dusty said...

It is getting very exciting. We are just behind you about number 55and have requested boy or girl 0-18months. This might happen sooner then I thought!