Thursday, August 6, 2009

Last Week

Just realized I forgot to report the good news that three referrals were given out a 4 1/2 month baby boy and 10 week and 4 1/2 month baby girls. So we should be down to about 81 on the list. So we are moving down the list; slowly it seems but surely I guess. We started out 2 1/2 months ago at #98 and as of today, we moved 17.


Missy said...

I remember last year the referrals were steady right before court closure, then slowed down during court closure, but then it rained once courts opened again!! Really hard!! Let's hope for tons of referrals really soon!!!!

Kris & Staci said...

17 spots in 2 1/2 months is awesome! Hoping for referrals to pick up even more. How about we have another one of those 13-referral weeks like we did earlier in the year?!?!

Amber said...

wow thats great news you should be getting your precious child before too much longer:)

Cathy said...

Great to see you are back on your journey. You guys have gone through so much and will be amazing parents! We are waiting for Taiwan now and hope to have a referral by the end of the year, but probably longer (as it always is)!
Cathy and Joe R. (and Nicholas)

Christy. said...

Hi Kathryn,

I am not sure what number we are on the list, I am not keeping track. But no, we didn't receive the referral for the little boy, our home study states that we are approved for a healthy boy.

Are you open to special needs or healthy? I hope this little boy is matched with a family soon!