Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weekly Update

There were 2 referralks this week a 2-month baby girl and a sibling set of a 3 year old boy and his 3-month old sister. The families waited 12 and 16 months, respectively. So we now are about #84 on the waiting list. The family ahead of us in line were told about 10 more months. I think there request is for a 12-24-month old boy, while we are open to eith a girl or boy up to 18 months.

Currently, there are 60 families in Home Study/Dossier stage, 96 families waiting to be matched, 40 families with referrals, waiting to travel, and 7 families in Ethiopia receiving their children right now.


Christy. said...

Hi Kathryn,

A correction on the wait time. We were told it COULD be 10 months total for a referral and we have already been waiting just over two months...

Praying and hoping it won't be that long, it's a MUCH LONGER guesstimate than we were originally told. But, trusting in God's perfect timing!

We have extended our range to 25 months and each month our youngest child gets older we will extend our range, so the middle of August we will extend to 26 months.

Missy said...

Crazy huh? I didn't realize families requesting young siblings were still waiting that long!!! I'm over a year now, and still only #2 for infant girl!! YIKES!!!!

Amber said...

praying that your journey ahead will be short:)