Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Before and After

Several of you have been waiting to see my before and after haircut pictures. And although, I believe I liked the before haircut pictures better and will be allowing my hair to grow again, I will post the after picture; although I kind of cringe doing so. Remember this picture is also a self portrait which I took. I may be able to take some pretty good photographs of other things, but the photographs are not very good when I take them of myself. Well here goes nothing.



Next time, I think of cutting my hair short, remind me of either this time or even better the short hair disaster of the late 90's. No photo of this awful event will be posted. It is too horrible to see. The memory of this still haunts me. There's a reason I've almost always had long hair (or at least shoulder-length) and hopefully will be able to continue wearing as long as possible.

This weekend was gorgeous. The temperatures were in the 60s or close to it. Being that it was this warm also in the U.P of Michigan, while we were there was quite a treat. I expected it to be in the 30s and was pleasantly surprised. We didn't do much, but it was nice to get away and just relax. Hopefully spring comes back real soon, so I can pull or dig up some of the stuff, I didn't get to before winter set in.

I'm just feeling a little overloaded with all the adoption-related news that has been going on the past month or so. I have pretty much either unsubscribed or gone no mail from most of the Yahoo groups that I belonged to, except for some from our agency and the Chicago Families with Children from Vietnam group. I'll continue to read the many blogs I've been following, but I may not be posting comments as often, but I am reading and following along.


dwayne and melanie said...

people often ask me how I stay so positive in this journey. I attribute alot of it by not being on the chat groups. So , I am with you there. The haircut is cute.

viathemidwest said...

I like your hair cut and I guarantee you are going to love having short hair when the 90 degree temps hit!!! It seems like a lot of people are "taking a break" which I understand. Hang in there & stay positive.

yuni kristianingsih pramudhaningrat said...

You look beautiful

Jenn said...

like the new cut, and the new blog look. to answer your questions on my blog... yes, the lds group from el dorado is being housed here - you can read more at
the "possible tornado" didn't do too much damage here... thankfully. and yep, my whole family is still up in the northern suburbs.
hope all is well on your end. thanks for continuing to visit :)

Becky and Keith said...

Love the haircut! I agree that you'll love it when it's 90 degrees out! I go through "chop it all off" moments and then about a week after I do, I'm happy with it again!

abc123vn said...

Both picture look great! Thanks for sharing!

abc123vn said...

Both picture look great! Thanks for sharing!