Monday, December 3, 2007


I haven't posted any updates in the last few weeks. But as of this past week, 2 more referrals were received for a two and a half year old boy and a four and a half year old girl. I think about we received 2 or 3 other referrals since I last posted about referrals. We are about #113 on the waiting list. I guess we're slowly, but surely moving ahead, but I just wish it was not so slowly. I just celebrated my 39th birthday; 30 was no big deal, but 40 is looking to be quite difficult! Some really good news is that at least three CHI families got their I-600 approval and will be traveling in soon to get their sons Khai, Jake, and Mattix. It also seems that the Vietnam Summit meeting went well and hopefully the future of adoptions will as well


Becky and Keith said...

Yey! Movement! :-) To answer your question... Russia is operating without accreditation in certain regions. Our regions is kind of operating, kind of not. There is 1 baby home able to give referrals (but they haven't been), but with accreditation there would be about 6 more - so there would be a lot more activity. I'm so glad people appear to be getting their i-600's! Good news!

Melissa said...

Come and visit...I am really going to try and stay up with the blog.


Adrienne and Jim said...


Thank you for your comment on our blog! Owen is such a little stinker, isn't he?! He is so full of joy and brings us so much happiness...we are so blessed. :)

I am so happy to hear more referrals are being given for Vietnam. Our friends Brandon and April Smith and Lauren and Jim Beihoffer are waiting for children from Vietnam as well. We went to the CHI Brentwood, TN Christmas party tonight and saw many children from Russia, Vietnam, and China, and it was so neat to see all of the children together.

I look forward to hearing when you prepare your dossier and meet your child!! Christmas will never be the same. :)

Thanks again for your comment! I love to hear from other CHI families and anyone who's reading this blog of mine!!