Friday, December 14, 2007

Over 16,000 Hits!

I've had over 16,000 hits, since I linked to soon after I started this blog on December 26th. I entered the blogging world back in May 2006 when I started my other blog, when we were expecting to start an adoption from China shortly, but oh, how things have changed.

We got an update from our agency and although, there were no referrals and our agency does not expect any before the new year, there are 5 families that are currently in Vietnam adopting their children and 2 other families will be leaving next week to celebrate Christmas in Vietnam with their children. There will be a total of 85 adoptions completed in 2007 by our agency; I think in 2006, there was 50-something. I am feeling more positive and hope that 2008 will be our year. At least for a referral, but of course, it would be nice to travel before another year ends, but we'll have to see what is in store for us. I just have to remember that things happen based on God's timing and when it is meant to happen, it WILL! Another family, who got on the waiting list is #109 on the list, so we should be right next to them at either #110 or 108. According to my record-keeping, we are #112, but I could be wrong since there are reasons other than referrals that our place in line could change. I have e-mailed my SW and hopefully she can tell me where we are on the list, currently.


angie said...

i e-mailed our director yesterday to find out our spot and we had moved 6 spots (in 4 months) other than referrals!! that was a GREAT surprise...its like a whole months worth of referrals skipped over :)

i am hope you jumped a couple of spots as well...keep us posted!

Stacie said...

Hi Kathryn- you left a comment at our site about snow - we SHOULD get snow - we used to, but it seems like we're always just a degree or two too high for snow around here now. (Global warming!) They always get it just to our north, but we either get cold rain or ice (which doesn't count!).

Anonymous said...

God's timing is ALWAYS perfect!

I am excited to be on this journey with you...I think 2008 is your year! Keep your chin up!!!!!

Let is snow...let it snow...let it snow!


Matthew and Suzanne said...

I hope 2008 is your year! It must be very difficult with a long waiting period. I can't imagine! We considered Vietnam but for some reason we were drawn Kaz.


I, too, am feeling better and more hopeful about what January and all of 2008 might bring! I'm praying that your number will be low and your spirits high!

Jen said...

Here's hoping that you receive a referral in the new year!
Have a great holiday :)

Becky and Keith said...

Have a great holiday! Congrats on the blog hits - that is so exciting!