Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some New Things to Remember

Last week, I had taken Joshua out of his high chair and he was running up and down the hallway. All of a sudden, I realized, there was no pitter-patter of feet, so I decided to investigate. I found that our bedroom door and specifically the master bath (if you'd even call it that) had been left open. "Oh no, what was he getting into." I walked into the bathroom and there he was, standing on the scale.

Also, over the weekend when we had the TV on, there was an African American woman on the news, I think it was. He stopped and pointed excitedly, so we asked what? Who is that? Joshua answered "ME!!"

He can and has for awhile been able to point to his eyes, ears, nose (sometimes), teeth, tummy, and belly button (his favorite). He also has been saying "apple", "up", "down", "out", "off", "Rocky" (his yellow stuffed raccoon), "donkey" (what his stuffed animal, Eeyore is). He amzes me at the words he already knows and says. He also says "potty" (no, we aren't potty training him yet, but when I'm home alone with him, I'll say mommy has to go potty and he stated repeating me and running ahead of me to the bathroom.) I also heard him say today for the first time, "no". Yikes, off to bed for me.


Anonymous said...

Your son is adorable and his dimples are incredible. I have followed your adoption blog/journey as my husband and I went through alot with a Vietnam adoption that fell through and we ended up adopting last January domestically. Our son is almost 14 months now and he is a handful, into everything but the love of our life! Congratulations to you both, children are such a blessing and I am so glad your dreams came true like ours did. Barbara

Shameme Adams said...

Aaaawwwww bless him, that is one of the sweetest tales i've heard for a while!!. It made me want to cuddle him, he realises he's African!!.....a beautiful African boy!!. I am a half Asian girl called Shameme, i live in Northern England with my Mum who at the moment is in hospital so i'm on here trying to make new friends while she's there. She's doing well (had her gallbladder removed). I would adore to be your new friend!! so if you ever want to email me it's
Bye for now and cuddles
to Joshua!!.

Shameme xx

P.S. 'Somewhere out there a child
Awaits a home,
Somewhere out there a home
Awaits a child-adoption
brings them together'