Friday, March 5, 2010

The Things People Search

Oh my, I have a statistics counter on my blog and since starting this blog in late 2006, I have had over 58,000 hits. I can also see what countries, states and cities the people who visit me are from or are near, as well as what people searched on google, yahoo, etc. to land on my blog. Well today when I checked back on February 20th someone from the York, Maine area searched under "somewhrer out there he is training to kill you" He left the instant he got to my blog since it needless to say was not what he was looking for. Thank goodness he left quickly.

But an interesting tidbit is other than the majority of people coming to my blog from the U.S., I've also had visitors from Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Iceland, The Russian Federation and Sweden.


Kel said...

I'm from the UK!!! Can't remember how I found you.. I think from someone else's blog!!

Anonymous said...

Refresh, refresh, refresh...what a workout...I am right here with you! We need pictures of the nursery too!

THINKING of you!


Courtney said...

Kathryn and Kevin,

I am more impatient waiting for your baby to arrive then I was for Andrew to arrive and I was very impatient towards the end. I agree with Melissa and can't wait to see pictures of the nursery! I pray that today will be the day you will get your referral everyday!


Anonymous said...

I am not a stalker...just very excited to hear your news!

from Nashville, TN