Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's been awhile. I haven't really been into blogging or the adoption thing at all lately, but today, I just got an e-mail sayiong that DCFS endorsed our homestudy. Now, we have to wait for the letter from our home study agency with the approval and instructions for the next step, sending in for the country change with USCIS. We have a ton to do. We need to work like crazy on our dossier and watch the DVDs, from our agency, "Because They Waited". Now there is only 3 days left of vacation and I feel I haven't accomplished much. I relaxed a lot (the cold and infected finger I had did not help anything. I did get a little cleaning done, but adoption stuff is now priority. Guess I should have worked on Christmas cards and that Christmas letter already. And oh, yeah, I have to bake a bundt cake tomorrow, for an Ethiopian adopted kids get-together. Well, I better get to bed, so I won't sleep too late tomorrow, well actually by now today!


Family Salmagundi said...

Great news, Katherine. It is so good to see you making progress.

Happy Holidays!

abc123vn said...

Great news...keep going towards your goal and I promise it will happen. I met a couple the other night where Aaron and I could have written their adoption story and they are still waiting - they said meeting the twins and hearing our story made it real they know that they are on the right track!